About us

The Mathematics and Applied Information Technology Research Institute (MAITKI) is an interdisciplinary research center of information technology, computing science and its related fields. One of our current research topics is the application of known and used IT algorithms in new areas while exploring brand new methods. These research activities cover all fields of basic IT related issues.

We aim to bring together research communities and businesses. MAITKI utilizes specialized knowledge - gained during fundamental or applied researches carried out by itself or in cooperation with partner institutes - in areas of R&D, system planning, system integration and software development.

Through these accomplishments, MAITKI intends to help businesses in starting and managing R&D and other innovative projects and to support the introduction of products and services to the market, deriving from such projects.


One of the main tasks of the Mathematics and Applied Information Technology Research Institute is to coordinate the relationship between the scientific research world and businesses. The Institute, together with its associates and with the contribution of independent professional organizations, experts, consultants and researchers of other institutes, is active in the following fields:

  • Participation in the design of products and services of private companies’:
    1. Development of a ‘recommendation engine’ with OTT-ONE Nyrt.
    2. Development of cloud based biometric identification system and other vein scanner based services, together with iSRV Zrt.
    3. Development of marketing and touristic recommendation algorithms for indoor navigation systems, together with Green Tech Innováció Zrt.
  • Collaboration with universities and other research institutes
  • Participation in tender projects
  • Organizing trainings, courses and presentations